A letter by League of American Orchestras President and CEO Jesse Rosen, published on the opinion and editorial page of Sunday’s (12/19) Honolulu StarAdvertiser, states, “The court approval of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing by the Honolulu Symphony marks a painful loss for its community. Today, Hawaii no longer boasts one of the nation’s oldest orchestras. Instead, it is now the only U.S. state without a professional orchestra. Music can touch anyone, especially young people, regardless of their income or background. It enhances our sense of meaning and connection to the world and our appreciation of its diversity. Experiencing live orchestral music can be transformative and is an opportunity that every human being deserves and communities want. That is why, of the 14 professional orchestras that we know have closed their doors since 1986, all but four have been reborn in some form. The League of American Orchestras fervently hopes that Hawaii will soon have an orchestra again, and we offer our assistance to any who work toward that aim.”

Posted December 20, 2010