“For 94-year-old La Jollan Martin Nass, playing music is a very important part of life,” writes Elisabeth Frausto in Monday’s (5/24) La Jolla Light (La Jolla, CA). “He has played violin for 86 years, the past five with La Jolla residents Jack Clausen [viola] and Cathy Comstock [violin] and La Mesa resident Willis Frisch [cello], who gather at Nass’ condominium in La Jolla’s Village to play chamber music. The quartet has been playing together routinely, except for the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic…. During COVID-related restrictions that kept each group member isolated at home, Clausen played on his own ‘a little bit, and I took lessons.’ … Nass also played on his own while in quarantine but said he prefers how string instruments ‘resonate with each other’ when played together…. Clausen, Frisch and Nass struck up in-person practices a few weeks ago and expressed happiness at being able to get together again…. ‘Music is a nonverbal way of getting to parts of yourself that you don’t get to otherwise,’ said Nass, a former psychoanalyst. His wife died in August, and ‘starting to play music brought me back to life a little bit more,’ he added.”