“Indiana’s largest arts organization has partnered with a security company to install new artificial intelligence-based security screening technology at a theater in Indianapolis,” reads an unsigned article in Tuesday’s (11/9) WTHR TV (Indianapolis). “The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is working with STANLEY Security to install the technology at Hilbert Circle Theatre. The system works a lot like a retail store theft system. Unlike a traditional metal detector, theater attendees won’t need to empty their bags or pockets and they’ll be able to avoid close-contact inspections. Instead, if the system detects an object that could be identified as a weapon, the attendee will be asked to step aside for a secondary screening. If a prohibited item is found, they will be required to remove it from the building. The orchestra’s CEO, James Johnson, hopes this technology will allow people to relax and become completely immersed in the show they’re watching. ‘We are here to serve our community … that includes ensuring our audiences feel safe and secure.… [This] technology assures a seamless experience.’ ”