“Against a shower of tinkling percussion, the camera advances ever so slowly through a West African market [in] the first music video by Sudan Archives, an experimental violinist of heterogeneous influences,” writes Cristina Schreil in the February issue of Strings magazine. Archives is the stage name of Brittney Parks, who grew up in Cincinnati and is based in Los Angeles. “Her first full-length album … due out in 2019 … promises her usual eclectic blend, but a lusher string presence. Q: Do you remember the moments you were first drawn to violin? Archives: I remember the first solo violinist on TV that I ever saw … was Miri Ben-Ari, the hip-hop violinist … Q: What drew you to African fiddle? Archives: It’s mainly violin and vocals and this call-and-response style … all pentatonic and bluesy. Q: What are other elements of Sudanese fiddle music you like? Archives: It’s a certain kind of rhythm they use…. I try to take my violin, pluck it, and make it sound like an oud. Q: You’re emulating a lot of folk influences, but you haven’t departed from classical. Why? Archives: I really enjoyed being in an orchestra.… I love Stravinsky…. I want to be like him.”


Posted January 16, 2019

Photo of Sudan Archives by Jack Mckain