The Jacksonville Symphony and Music Director Courtney Lewis.

In Saturday’s (10/28),, an unsigned report states, “In a celebration of Jacksonville’s Pride Month, the Jacksonville Symphony recently hosted its third Pride Night Concert as part of its ‘Symphony in 60’ series. Under … Music Director Courtney Lewis, the evening promised a memorable journey through the world of classical music, thoughtfully curated for this significant occasion … that resonated with a diverse audience. The ‘Symphony in 60’ series … features a relaxed cocktail hour setting the stage for a 60-minute musical performance. It was an evening where each composition was chosen by Music Director Courtney Lewis, who also provided introductions to the pieces, enhancing the audience’s appreciation of the music. The concert program for the evening [featured selections from] John Adams’ ‘Nixon in China,’ Richard Wagner’s Tannhäuser Bacchanale, and three Latin dances from Manuel de Falla’s celebrated ballet, ‘The Three-Cornered Hat.’ The Pride Night Concert unfolded on Thursday, October 26 … ‘Through our Pride Night Concert, we aim to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone can come together to appreciate the beauty of classical music. It’s a night of celebration and unity,’ Lewis stated.”