“After 8 1/2 years, Fort Wayne Philharmonic President and CEO J.L. Nave III will resign from the organization in December, the Philharmonic board announced Wednesday,” writes Keiara Carr in Thursday’s (9/4) Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana). “The announcement comes weeks before the orchestra opens its 71st season on Sept. 27. Nave will step down Dec. 31, the same day the one-year contracts for union musicians are set to expire, according to the agreement reached in February. Nave said now that the organization is gaining momentum, he has been pursuing a number of new opportunities over the past few months. ‘It’s something that I’ve been thinking about since the end of the last season. So I started to have some informal discussions with board leadership that I didn’t want to seek an extension for my contract, which was to be settled in January,’ Nave said. Board chair Carol Lindquist said the organization is in the process of putting a search committee together and hopes to have the negotiations settled before the December deadline…. ‘I really accomplished most of what I was brought here to accomplish,’ … Nave said. ‘It’s time for someone else to run with that, and bring their own strengths and ideas to it.’ ”

Posted September 8, 2014