“This week, John Adams conducts the Dallas Symphony in a weekend of concerts,” his first time working with the orchestra, writes Brian Reinhart in Monday’s (1/28) Dallas Observer. The program will feature Adams’s Short Ride in a Fast Machine and the Violin Concerto, as well as music by Debussy and Resphigi. “Next month, Adams turns 72 ‘It’s a very good time to be a young composer,’ Adams [says]. ‘When I was in my 20s, it was unthinkable that you would earn a living as a composer.… There are [now] quite a few young people who are in their 20s and 30s who are able to make enough money to just write music, which is incredible,’ he says. But something else has shifted, [he says]…. ‘Back when I was in college … we felt that you had to decide which team you were on. You were with John Cage, or you were with Milton Babbitt, or Pierre Boulez, or … Philip Glass…. I am one of the first to … create a language that absorbed all these things but was more open in its expression.’ … He’s thrilled to see that today’s music writers are … able to work with, or invent, any style they want.”

Posted January 30, 2019