“The Wheeling Symphony Orchestra has put together a robust and diverse lineup for its 2021-22 season, one that eventually will welcome audiences back to the Capitol Theatre for live performances,” writes Derek Redd in Saturday’s (5/22) Intelligencer (Wheeling, WV). “John Devlin, the Wheeling Symphony’s music director, discussed what it was like to keep the symphony up and running during the pandemic, his plans and hopes for the upcoming concert season and how important he feels a diverse lineup—and the discussions that will result from it—are for the symphony and the community…. Devlin: We take a lot of pride in the fact that, with a population of 26 or 27,000 in Wheeling proper, we support … a robust medium-sized orchestra which, nationally, gets a lot of attention…. Because the orchestra is medium-sized, we’re pretty nimble. One of the … things about COVID for our organization was the quick way we pivoted to continue performances … smaller concerts, more intimate and inviting environments … combining food and drink with performance…. Because we were forced out of our home, we simply decided to accelerate the rate of those experiments. And we found some really positive feedback from our audience.”