In Saturday’s (6/5) Denver Post, Kyle MacMillan writes, “The Colorado Symphony’s 2009-10 season is ending on a bittersweet note. Jeffrey Kahane is leading his final weekend of concerts with the orchestra as its music director, a position he is leaving after just five years. … In 2007, a bout of severe hypertension forced the maestro to realize he had overextended himself. Ultimately, Kahane decided he wanted to devote more time to his career as a world-class piano soloist, and he announced in July 2008 that he would step down after this season. If his tenure in Denver has been too short, it has nonetheless been a wonderful time for the symphony—a period of continued artistic growth and an abundance of high-quality, often daringly adventurous programs. … Some of the most magical moments between him and the orchestra have come when he has joined them as a piano soloist, not exhorting them on from atop a podium but leading them as a fellow musician.” For his final program, Kahane led Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 27 from the keyboard, and gave “an electric interpretation” of Mahler’s Symphony No. 5. “Befitting his accomplishments, Kahane received a series of standing ovations, and the concert was broadcast live on Colorado Public Radio.”

Posted June 7, 2010