“Kansas City’s arts organizations are taking things slow and easy to ensure the safety of their audiences and performers,” writes Patrick Neas in Friday’s (1/8) Kansas City Star (MO). “There are signs that things are returning to somewhat normal, however. Beginning this month, the Kansas City Symphony will start easing its fans back into Helzberg Hall. Subscribers will get a chance to attend concerts with social distancing both among the pared-down symphony members on stage as well as in the audience. Only 25% of Helzberg Hall’s capacity will be used. But subscribers who are unable to score tickets can watch selected concerts streamed later on the symphony’s new platform, MySymphonySeat.org. Carlsen Center Presents is continuing to offer virtual events, and Kansas City’s smaller arts groups, who responded so creatively to the pandemic last year, are continuing to find work-arounds. Beau Bledsoe’s Ensemble Iberica is offering a ‘Passport Series,’ allowing the stir crazy to travel the world from the comfort of home.” Included are listings of Kansas City Symphony and Carlsen Center Presents performances from January through April.