In Sunday’s (5/9) Kansas City Star, Ann Spivak profiles Kansas City Symphony associate conductor Steven Jarvi, who this Friday “will make his official debut conducting the Kansas City Symphony in a trio of weekend subscription concerts. The program will be an all-classical Viennese concert of his design. So what better way to prepare for the event, he thought, than to travel to Vienna? ‘I was given an award from the Bruno Walter Memorial Foundation, and part of that supports a project,’ Jarvi said. ‘So I said, “Why not go to Vienna for my project and get my hands dirty and really learn about the rich musical heritage of this music I will be conducting?” ’ Jarvi, who just returned after about week in Vienna, posted video blogs about his trip that, as a group, are like a history lesson in Viennese classicism. … And while he tours and talks about the famous State Opera House and visits the city’s central cemetery—a ‘must-see if you have a chance to visit Vienna’— in the background are the haunting, romantic melodies of Mahler, Schubert, Mozart and Strauss, whose pieces make up the Symphony’s program this weekend at the Lyric Theatre and Yardley Hall.” Jarvi’s video blog series can be viewed on YouTube here.

Posted May 11, 2010