Lansing Symphony Orchestra trombone player John Robinson interacts with the audience at one of the orchestra’s intimate events for families.

Monday’s (12/4) WLIX News 10 (Lansing, MI) reports, “Families in Lansing got the chance to learn about music and instruments at a small local concert put on by a member of the Lansing Symphony Orchestra. John Robinson, a musician from the orchestra, performed on the trombone, giving families a chance to not only enjoy a free concert but also learn about the instrument and its role in the orchestra. This was part of the orchestra’s family series, which aims to engage kids in music. One of the organizers said that these types of concerts are a great way to interact with the community. Ashleigh Lore, from the Lansing Symphony Orchestra, said, ‘Interacting with the musicians and spending time together and getting a little bit more of a one-on-one experience versus when you go to a larger concert, everyone’s on stage, and you have a program. Here it’s just a little more personal and just a little more intimate.’ The orchestra hosts family series events four times throughout the year.”