“While many people listen to music for recreation, it can also be used for therapeutic purposes,” states Joseph Sharpe in a news segment on Wednesday’s (2/13) Hometownstations.com (Lima, Ohio). “Wednesday, the Lima Symphony Orchestra continued their healing through music program at Mercy Health St. Rita’s. ‘Healing Through Music’ is a program intended to actively fight drug addiction and help those with mental illness. The orchestra is able to fund this program thanks to a grant that was awarded to them last year by the League of American Orchestras and the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation. Once a month, a string quartet from the Lima Symphony Orchestra will play classical music pieces for local residents and agencies in the hopes that it can bring them comfort in their healing process. ‘I listen to all kinds of music, but this one in particular just kinda took me to a different level.… I’m glad I came today,’ said Peggy Bunch, an outpatient at St. Rita’s. ‘It helps you to express emotions that you might be having a difficult time putting into words,’… said Maureen Case, Lima Symphony Orchestra player. After the performance, the performers host a talkback session where the audience can interact with them.”

Posted February 14, 2019