“The opening lines of French composer Claude Debussy’s Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune could be heard drifting down the steps of last night’s Met Gala 2022,” writes Sophia Alexandra Hall in Tuesday’s (5/3) Classic FM (UK). “But instead of coming from a speaker, perhaps providing background music to the annual high-class event which gathers the brightest lights in fashion, film, television, music, sports, and social media, the music came from R&B American singer-songwriter Lizzo. The classically trained flautist accompanied her stunning black and gold baroque themed hand-embroidered look by American designer, Thom Browne, with an equally beautiful green gold flute…. The flute, titled The Dryad’s Touch, is worth $55,000 (£44,000) and is made out of 18 karat green gold. The musical instrument is the latest addition to Lizzo’s collection, which already includes her trusted solid silver Muramatsu flutes, named Sasha and Blue Ivy. The musical instrument has intricate depictions across its body, including ladybirds, spiders and a web, other beetles, flowers and leaves, bark, a turtle and a fairy. Lizzo originally introduced fans to The Dryad’s Touch ahead of the gala, posting a video on her dedicated flute Instagram account.”