The Louisiana Philharmonic and Music Director Carlos Miguel Prieto. Photo: Louisiana Philharmonic

“The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra’s 2022-2023 season is set to launch next month, and this year everybody’s favorite local orchestra is set to expand their, and your, horizons even more, with planned performances with Big Freedia and the Lost Bayou Ramblers, as well as a tribute to ‘Star Wars’ legend composer John Williams,” writes John Stanton in Monday’s (8/1) (New Orleans). “Opening night of the season will feature a performance of … Mahler’s Symphony No. 1, as well as … Copland’s ‘Billy the Kid’ and Zoltan Kodaly’s ‘Dances of Galanta.’ … In February, … LPO’s tribute to Williams [will feature his scores to] some of the greatest movies of all times…. In April, LPO will … team up with the bounce legend and Queen Diva herself, Big Freedia, to celebrate her 20-year-and-counting music career. The mind boggles at the mere thought of the classic music society mixin’ and minglin’ with bounce fans, but one thing’s for sure, the ensuing twerkin’ will be the stuff of legends.” Carlos Miguel Prieto is music director of the Louisiana Philharmonic; Anwar Nasir is executive director.