“The repertoire for Saturday’s nearly sold-out concert by Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine and the San Diego Symphony was jointly agreed upon last year: Bach’s Air On the G String and the ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’ movements from Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons,’ ” writes George Varga in Sunday’s (4/6) San Diego Union-Tribune. “So was the choice of San Diego Symphony Associate Conductor Ken-David Masur, who as a teen drummed in a German rock band called Odyssey…. [For] Mustaine, the founder of pioneering thrash-metal band Megadeth … it’s his first [concert] ever with an orchestra… he’s been listening in particular to classical violin legend Itzhak Perlman’s landmark recording of ‘The Four Seasons.’ Adapting this opus to electric guitar for a concert with an orchestra has Mustaine speaking with both pride and awe.… ‘When you grew up a homeless person or, basically, a gutter kid, and now you’re playing with the symphony, that’s just like stuff you see in a movie…. I also loved the regal quality that went along with Led Zeppelin’s approach to writing music, which I think is really prevalent in classical music…. It just seems like if there were an electric guitar back then, it would have been perfect.’ ”

Posted April 8, 2014