In Friday’s (2/8) Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Elaine Schmidt writes, “The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra unveiled its 2013-14 season last week. Music director Edo de Waart sat down to talk about some of the highlights and his own personal favorites. ‘I love that piece. I can’t wait to do it again,’ de Waart said of a particular work on the coming season. … The piece in question is sometimes referred to as Brahms’ ‘Fifth Symphony.’ Don’t worry—you haven’t missed some great musicological discovery. Brahms wrote just four symphonies. But even when he was writing chamber music, Brahms couldn’t fight the urge to write great, sweeping phrases and textures that somehow sounded orchestral. Arnold Schoenberg, best known as the father of the 12-tone technique in composition, did a wonderfully romantic orchestration of the piano quartet, making it sound as though Brahms had intended it as a symphony all along. The MSO will perform it Jan. 17-18, with Jennifer Koh playing the Berg Violin Concerto on the same program. … Along Romantic era lines, Mahler’s dark Symphony No. 6 is scheduled for May 2-3, 2014. … De Waart’s Beethoven passion can be heard next season in a three-concert Beethoven Festival.” The article includes the orchestra’s complete classical schedule for 2013-14.

Posted February 11, 2013