On Tuesday (12/16) at Fox6now.com (Milwaukee), Deandra Corinthos writes about a free concert given recently by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra to a school for children with disabilities. “The experience is about more than seeing a concert. It’s a way to help the kids, some of whom have special needs, develop. As the sounds of Tchaikovsky fill the air, students from Penfield Children’s Center take it all in.… Many of the kids are between one and five years old, and have developmental delays or disabilities.  … ‘We know from research that music is a huge part of development,’ said Penfield’s VP of Programs, Ann Becker. Early exposure to music can benefit a child’s brain development and perceptual skills, and ultimately improve their language and reading abilities. ‘Their social skills improve, their communication improves, their movement improves,’ said Becker. The concert is also a way for students with special needs to interact with their peers…. ‘The children were walking up to the harp, and the harpist was letting them play their strings,” said Ellen Anderson, Penfield’s volunteer coordinator.” The coverage includes video footage from the concert and interviews with school staff members.

Posted December 17, 2014