“For more than five decades, the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra has been living up to its motto: ‘Instrumental in Changing Lives,’ ” writes Dave Begel on Tuesday at (3/28) onmilwaukee.com (Milwaukee). “With a catalog of outstanding musicians and teachers—led by Artist-in-Residence Frank Almond—a concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra—the MYSO has brought music into the world of thousands and thousands of children. MYSO is one of the member groups of the United Performing Arts Fund, which [supports] the performing arts in Milwaukee…. MYSO’s administrative staff has doubled the organization’s enrollment over the past 15 years…. In 2005, MYSO moved into the acclaimed Milwaukee Youth Arts Center, a collaborative initiative of MYSO and First Stage…. Several innovative MYSO offerings, prompted and made possible by the move, have received notable awards and recognition, particularly for MYSO’s ambitious efforts in outreach and community partnerships…. The MYSO performs a number of times during the season and also takes major tours, like this summer’s trip to Argentina and Uruguay, but the major impact is in the community outreach program.” The article includes quotes from MYSO Executive Director Linda Edelstein.

Posted March 29, 2017