“Scott Seaton, Minot’s Symphony Director for the past three years, will be leaving the Minot State University campus to conduct at California State University,” reads an unsigned article on Friday (6/26) at CBS affiliate KXNews (Bismarck, North Dakota). Minot Symphony is a university and community orchestra associated with Minot State University in North Dakota. “A hiring board made up of Minot State University Music Staff, will be looking to replace Seaton by late July.… ‘He was part of, I would say a 10 year run of growth with the Minot Symphony Orchestra, and it is a vibrant and alive organization, and remains so,’ said Kenneth Bowles, Director of Choral Activities…. Bowles says he and the other 8 people placed on the hiring board are asking symphony supporters to help them find the best candidate for their orchestra. ‘What we will do to reach out to the community is the Minot Symphony webpage. We will have open rehearsals, where anyone is welcome to come and view the candidate face to face, and we will also live stream that, so that anyone who is unavailable at the time can do it from the convenience of their living room.’

Posted June 29, 2015