“The Montreal Symphony Orchestra has won the lottery -to the tune of $35.5 million,” writes Kathryn Greenaway in Wednesday’s (9/1) Gazette (Montreal). “No, the orchestra didn’t buy a winning ticket. Instead, it has entered into a partnership with Loto-Quebec that gives the orchestra $10 million this year and $8.5 million, annually, through 2014. The funds will come from Loto-Quebec, but will be administered by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec (CALQ).’ Quebec Finance Minister Raymond Bachand announced the partnership during a news conference at Place des Arts Tuesday. ‘Bachand described the orchestra as a ‘jewel of Quebec culture, an artistic organization of international status.’ He said the economic meltdown had hit the orchestra’s endowment fund hard, and that 18 months ago, the MSO was floundering for funds and on the verge of a financial crisis. … MSO maestro Kent Nagano was also in attendance and thanked Bachand and colleagues for ‘courageous, visionary thinking.’ … Bachand said this partnership is an exceptional one and there are no plans to forge partnerships between other government corporations and culture groups.”

Posted September 1, 2010