Here are a few more ideas from last year’s orchestras to make your drive a huge success!

The Elgin Symphony Orchestra gave away more than 100 tickets to their concerts for those who brought food items. They also created a press release to spread the word about Orchestras Feeding America. Need help writing a press release? Here is the Elgin Symphony’s from last year.

The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra held their LACO 5 concert weekend and had a great turn out of cans and goodies. Here are some of the things they did to spread the word:

1. They encouraged people who called to order tickets to participate in our food drive
2. Their marketing director also teaches at the Los Angeles Ballet Academy in the San Fernando Valley who helped collect food by keeping a box and LA   Foodbank brochures set up at the studio.
3. They tweeted about the food drive on our twitter page (
4. They created a virtual food drive on the LA Regional Foodbank’s website to collect monetary donations for the foodbank for patrons that are not able to attend concerts
5. As part of the preconcert announcement for turning off cell phone, they included a blurb about the food drive
6. They set up a table at their concerts for the food drive and played the "Faces of Hunger" DVD provided by the LA Foodbank.

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Posted February 16, 2010