In Thursday’s (2/25) Nashua Telegraph (New Hampshire), Eric Stanway writes about the Nashua Symphony, which “manages many community-oriented programs, including the Nashua Symphony Chorus, the Choral Ensemble, Nashua Youth (h)EARS and Concerts in the Schools, to name a few. ‘Community outreach is crucial to our success,’ [Executive Director Eric] Valliere said. ‘Without these programs, we’d just be an orchestra.’ The Nashua Symphony Association has been providing quality classical music to the Southern New England area since 1923, making it the oldest professional orchestra in New Hampshire, and the only one with an affiliated symphony chorus. … Among the association’s community outreach programs is Nashua Youth (h)EARS, a newly instituted outreach program created in conjunction with the Nashua School District. This program is committed to connect classical music to the everyday lives of students, relating it to their studies in language arts, mathematics and social studies. As the students become more versed in the backgrounds of classical music, they begin to appreciate its context in their own experiences. This leads up to a full concert put on for the students by the Nashua Symphony Orchestra every spring.”

Posted February 26, 2010