On Thursday (11/30) at Nashville Public Radio, Kara McLeland speaks with Sonja Winkler, the Nashville Symphony’s senior director of operations and orchestra manager, who is a participant in the 2017-18 League of American Orchestras’ Emerging Leaders Program. “Winkler describes the first Emerging Leaders Program session, held in November … as an ‘intensive, immersive experience.’ … Winkler says that in the midst of the social media era, with everything screaming for our attention, it can be challenging to balance remaining relevant … while preserving the tradition and richness of playing the music…. Over the course of ten months, she will participate in both in-person and virtual seminars and one-on-one mentoring in order to develop leadership skills in what the League of American Orchestras refers to as ‘times of rapid and profound change.’ … Winkler wants to continue emphasizing education…. She mentions the [Nashville Symphony’s] Accelerando program—which helps prepare students to pursue music at the collegiate level and beyond—as part of the symphony’s initiative to engage and support young musicians and listeners. Diversity is also at the front of Winkler’s mind…. ‘If we want [the community] to invest in us,’ she says, ‘we must invest in them.’ ”

Posted December 5, 2017