Monday (7/26) on the website of Dallas radio station KERA, Jerome Weeks reports, “The President and CEO of Dallas’ brand new, Performing Arts Center has quit, effective immediately.  KERA’s BJ Austin says Mark Nerenhausen helped launch the $354 million center eight months ago, and had been on the job less than two years. The Arts Center’s Board Chair Howard Hallam praised Nerenhausen’s hard work during the launch of the new institution. Hallam said he cannot speak for Nerenhausen, who was unavailable for comment. But he believes that Nerenhausen had expectations that weren’t being met. … The PAC has continued to raise capital funds—some of which have been diverted to cover operating expenses. Hallam says the Performing Arts Center will run a deficit for its first year. And it’s likely to face budget cuts in operational support from the City of Dallas. But he says deficits were to be expected in the early years of a new venue. He doesn’t think the money issues, per se, caused Nerenhausen’s decision to leave.”

Posted July 28, 2010