The Nashville Symphony has ratified a new musicians contract that includes a 3.5 percent increase to base salaries for the 2018-19 season, plus increases of 3.75 percent in 2019-20 and 4.25 percent for each of the following two seasons. The contract, effective August 1, also restores two unfilled positions—a first-violin position in the first year of the agreement and a cello position in the second year of the agreement—bringing the orchestra’s total membership to 83. Nashville Symphony second violinist Laura Ross, who serves as union steward, noted that the new agreement covers a range of concerns: “As the orchestra has become busier performing an ever-expanding variety and quantity of material, we needed to address workload and working conditions, along with a financial package. We also made a significant change to our audition process by keeping screens up throughout the entire audition, which will help to ensure that the process remains fair and impartial.” Nashville Symphony President and CEO Alan D. Valentine said, “The spirit of mutual respect and cooperation that has yielded tremendous accomplishments and accolades for the Nashville Symphony over the years also characterized the negotiations that resulted in this agreement.”

Posted July 9, 2018