The New Haven Symphony Orchestra and Music Director Alasdair Neale. Photo courtesy of New Haven Symphony Orchestra.

A Hartford Courant article that was excerpted in a News Brief this week implied that musicians at the New Haven Symphony Orchestra have gone on strike. That is not the case. In fact, the musicians voted to approve a possible strike as negotiations with the orchestra continue. A Hartford Business Journal article, written by Michelle Tuccitto Sullo and posted on 12/11, is more accurate: “Musicians who perform for the New Haven Symphony Orchestra announced Friday that they have voted to authorize a strike after failing to meet an agreement with management over wages. But they aren’t on strike yet, and more negotiations are scheduled. The musicians have been negotiating with NHSO management since April 2022…. The musicians assert that management’s wage offers to date have been ‘below even a cost-of-living increase.’ Andrew Trombley, a musician and orchestra committee member, said Monday morning that musicians are not on strike, but the authorization still stands. There are three negotiation sessions scheduled with management before the next performance … According to the musicians, their salaries have remained frozen since the 2022-2023 season…. Elaine C. Carroll, chief executive officer for the NHSO, said, ‘While NHSO is in the midst of a lengthy negotiation with AFM Local 400, our musicians are not on strike. Both sides are committed to continuing negotiations and NHSO performed its holiday concerts this weekend as scheduled.’… According to Carroll, the current proposal is for a total wage increase of 22% over four years, including an immediate 9% increase once the contract is finalized. In addition, a 14% increase in travel reimbursement has been mutually agreed upon.”