The New Haven Symphony Orchestra in Woolsey Hall. Photo by Daniel Wang.

In Monday’s (10/2) Yale Daily News, Daniel Wang writes, “The New Haven Symphony Orchestra returned to Woolsey Hall after three years to perform Anna Clynne’s ‘Masquerade,’ Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No 1, and Saint-Saëns’ Symphony No. 3. On Sept. 28, audiences packed Woolsey Hall as they were greeted by New Haven Symphony Orchestra president Keith Churchwell—also president of Yale New Haven Hospital … as he announced the orchestra’s return to Woolsey Hall.” The soloists were pianist Joyce Yang and organist Nathaniel Gumbs. “Due to previous gathering restrictions wrought by COVID-19, this night marked the first time in three years that the New Haven Symphony Orchestra performed at the University…. New Haven Symphony Orchestra music director Alasdair Neale MUS ’85 asked in reference to one of the pieces, ‘What’s the right piece to say to everybody that we are back in Woolsey Hall?’… The New Haven Symphony Orchestra has performed in the New Haven area since its first concert in 1895…. Woolsey Hall [is] one of its historical home bases. The return to Woolsey left the musicians feeling ‘relieved’ and ‘glad,’ said New Haven Symphony violinist Oliver Leitner.”