“Drake Music Scotland, Hebrides Ensemble and The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, are collaborating on a project which aims to see the Hall become one of the UK’s most autism friendly classical music venues,” writes Melissa Bradshaw in Tuesday’s (12/10) Rhinegold.co.uk (U.K.). “Composer Ben Lunn, who is himself autistic and is currently trainee artistic director with the Hebrides Ensemble, is leading the project…. As part of the project, a member of Drake Music Scotland’s Digital Orchestra, Joseph Cox—who also has autism—has been filmed walking through the experience of arriving at/using The Queen’s Hall. ‘I hope that the film will help people to know it’s fine, it’s ok—you don’t have to worry about coming to The Queen’s Hall, anyone can feel anxious about coming to a concert, not just people with autism,’ says Cox…. Drake Music Scotland’s Digital Orchestra and Hebrides Ensemble give the world premiere of Lunn’s work Symphonies of Instruments at the Hall on 12 December…. ‘By introducing initiatives such as the film and making accessibility information more widely available, we hope to make The Queen’s Hall the most autism friendly music venue in Scotland, if not the UK,’ says Emma Mortimore, marketing manager of The Queen’s Hall.”

Posted December 13, 2019