In Sunday’s (3/24) Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey), Victoria St. Martin writes, “Jazzercise? No way. Zumba? Forget about it. For years now, David Dworkin has sworn that he has the best-kept secret to losing weight, the blueprint for an exercise revolution, the road map to help keep almost everyone, including septuagenarians such as himself, happy and healthy—and it’s all right there at the tip of a musical conductor’s baton. Or a pencil. Or a chopstick. For the past decade, Dworkin has led a campaign to educate the world about the benefits of what he calls Conductorcise—a work-out based around, you guessed it, waving one’s arms around frantically as though you were conducting a symphony. … For the better part of three decades, the North Bergen native and Juilliard School graduate (Class of ‘56) worked as a conductor for symphonies across the country, most extensively with the Vermont Youth Orchestra, where he also served as music director for 15 years. A decade ago, he stopped conducting professionally—he refuses to use the word ‘retire’—and started his trademarked exercise program. He performs Conductorcise sessions at conferences, nursing homes and senior community centers to spread his practice and his deep belief about the health benefits of staying active as the years advance.”

Posted March 28, 2013