A report late Tuesday (3/30) on Albuquerque, New Mexico’s ABC station KOAT 7 website describes the situation at the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, where “Musicians and employees are working without pay to keep the orchestra alive.
Despite restructuring and budget negotiations, the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra is still fighting to survive. President and CEO Ruth Silva-Hernandez said right now, payroll is more than two pay periods behind. The reasons are the bad economy and a lack of donations. … ‘Donors are not giving comfortably because they’re not sure if we’re going to survive or not. The economy has not only affected donations from individuals and businesses but from governmental funding,’ said Silva-Hernandez. According to Silva-Hernandez, the symphony needs $150,000 every 15 days just to cover payroll. She believes in the long run the symphony will survive.” A video segment accompanies the report, available at the link above.

Posted April 1, 2010