In Tuesday’s (8/10) New York Times, Larry Rohter reports, “The Bolshoi Theater, in flux since the end of the Soviet Union, has named a new musical director, according to the Interfax news agency. The composer Vassily Sinaisky, who has served as musical director and chief conductor of the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra and the Russian Symphony Orchestra, will replace Leonid Desyatnikov, also a composer but not a conductor. Mr. Desyatnikov, who was appointed to the post last September, said from the beginning that he would spend only ‘an interlude’ in the job, but had a contract that was to run through the end of next year. Mr. Sinaisky, 63, a graduate of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, has worked extensively as a guest conductor outside Russia, including for operas in San Francisco and Berlin and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.”

Posted August 10, 2010