According to Audience 2.0: How Technology Influences Arts Participation, a wide-ranging report just released by the National Endowment for the Arts and available at, Americans who participate in the arts through technology and electronic media—using the Internet, television, radio, computers, and handheld devices—are nearly three times more likely to attend live arts events than non-media participants; attend twice as many live arts events; and attend a greater variety of genres of live arts events. The Audience 2.0 study looks at who is participating in the arts through electronic media, what factors affect their participation, and the relationship between media-based arts activities, live attendance, and personal arts creation. The findings in Audience 2.0 are intended to help arts organizations better understand their audiences’ used of technology and electronic media. The Audience 2.0 report is being released only in an electronic format that includes multimedia features. The report opens with a video greeting from NEA Chairman Rocco Landesman, and each chapter opens with videos from arts organizations that represent the benchmark disciplines tracked by the report.

Posted June 30, 2010