“A new project is being launched to establish the Street Orchestra of London, which will make its way around the city playing impromptu concerts in public spaces like parks and squares” beginning in June, writes Jordan Smith on Tuesday (1/19) at CMUSE (London, U.K.). “The organizers, who launched SOL at Nonclassical’s Battle of the Bands earlier this month, are looking for applicants from musicians in all sections of the orchestra by 22 January. “The idea behind the orchestra is that it will enable musicians to bring classical music to everyone. With a set-up time of less than three minutes after arriving at a chosen location, SOL is also planning to play shows in refugee centres, hospitals and other public buildings…. Members of the orchestra dress for their performances in everyday clothes, part of an effort to break down any perceived barriers with their audience. They also cover virtually all conceivable musical genres, from baroque to contemporary, and jazz to heavy metal…. The inspiration for SOL came from a similar initiative in Amsterdam. The Ricciotti Ensemble has been running for over 40 years and has played in prisons and hospitals as well as on the streets of the Dutch capital.” 

Posted January 21, 2016