“Their musical tastes may be different,” writes Steven Brown in Sunday’s (11/15) Charlotte Observer (North Carolina). “Their paychecks certainly are. But the new players for the Charlotte Symphony and the Charlotte Bobcats have more in common than you might think. They all discovered their talents when they were young. They all like to hear the roar of the crowd when they play well. And whether they measure themselves against Beethoven or Boston, success depends on the same thing: teamwork. Forging the teams takes practice—sometimes under the hand of demanding leaders. That’s where the basketball players may envy the musicians. Orchestra rehearsals always end at appointed times. A basketball practice is only over when the coach says so.” Brown briefly profiles the Charlotte Symphony’s new Principal Trumpet Karin Bliznik, Second Trumpet Richard Harris, Associate Concertmaster Elina Lev, and Timpanist Leonardo Soto. New to the Bobcats basketball team are Gerald Henderson, Tyson Chandler, Ronald “Flip” Murray, and Derrick Brown.

Posted November 17, 2009