In Thursday’s (2/26) Chicago Tribune, John von Rhein reports, “After its institutional parent, the fiscally strapped Newberry Library, recently informed the Newberry Consort that it will not continue funding the group beyond the current season, the consort’s future appeared to be bleak indeed. Fears that Chicago’s flagship early music ensemble might be forced to disband have been laid to rest, now that it has affiliated itself with the library’s Center for Renaissance Studies and taken charge of its own financial destiny. In what Newberry Library musician in residence David Douglass calls a ‘rebirth,’ the widely acclaimed group, founded in 1982, will become the center’s autonomous teaching and performance arm, creating programs the center can offer its consortium of colleges and universities. … The ensemble will step up touring outside Chicago while maintaining its residencies at Northwestern University, the University of Chicago and the library. It will present concerts at those locations and Chicago’s St. Clement Church, including a program built around the library’s planned Abraham Lincoln bicentennial exhibit.”