In Thursday’s (11/12) Stamford Advocate (Connecticut), Jeffrey Johnson writes, “Roger Nierenberg spent 26 years as Stamford Symphony’s music director and conductor. When he left in 2004, it was to develop the Music Paradigm, a program to allow interactions between audience and musicians that develop leadership skills and, simultaneously, a new audience for live classical music. Since then, the program has become a sought-after experience to help develop creative business leadership. His work with the program led Nierenberg to write ‘Maestro; A Surprising Story about Leading by Listening.’ Released last week, the book is an engaging story that follows the experiential path of a protagonist who is an executive struggling to bring together the diverse groups and functions under his charge. … When asked how ideas from the book changed the way he works with an orchestra he replied, ‘You watch the orchestra react. You watch it loosen up, you watch it relax, you watch it become engaged, generous, focused, concentrated because of ideas from this book.’ For executives, the protagonist’s imperative is in understanding how to become a more effective leader.”

Posted November 13, 2009