A webinar by Reimagining the Orchestra Subscription Model author Namita Desai is now available free of charge. The subscription model study by the Oliver Wyman management-consulting organization was commissioned by the League of American Orchestras and is the first of its kind for American orchestras. Using the largest-ever orchestra sales dataset, it draws on ten years of data from four million customers across 45 orchestras of varying sizes, as well as a profile and preferences survey of 4,000 people who attended an orchestra concert in the last five years and a dynamic market simulation that tested the willingness-to-pay of 1,000 people making 10,000 purchasing decisions. The result is a compelling set of recommendations; in essence, the building blocks for future audience and donor development strategies. Click here for Reimagining the Orchestra Subscription Model and the webinar. To download an interactive version of the report optimized for iOS devices, visit Oliver Wyman Ideas here in the Apple Store.

Posted December 3, 2015