“Children at a local school received a special surprise when the National Symphony Orchestra paid a visit as part of an initiative known as ‘NSO In Your Neighborhood,’ ” reports Kimberly Suiters at CBS Radio (Washington, D.C.). “The National Symphony Orchestra brought three musicians to the Capitol Hill Montessori School to inspire students to create their own music by learning about different instruments and rehearsing for their very own concert. The project has motivated over 35,000 kids across the country to write and perform over 2,500 original works. ‘First, second and third graders write some of the most amazing songs,’ said Paul Reisler [founder and artistic director of the Kid Pan Alley Children’s Songwriting Project]. He enjoys working with young children because they have great imaginations and are less self-conscious about their music, he added. Charlie Nilles, a bassist with the National Symphony Orchestra, says watching the children create and play their own music reminds him of when he was their age and participating in musical programs…. In January, the National Symphony Orchestra took part in over 50 collaborative events, bringing music to homeless shelters, hospitals and schools.”

Posted August 6, 2014