“Broadway is planning to start performances of at least three dozen shows before the end of the year … The Metropolitan Opera is planning a September return,” write Michael Paulson, Ben Sisario and Robin Pogrebin in Saturday’s (7/17) New York Times. “The return of arts and entertainment is crucial to New York’s economy, and not just because it is a major industry that employed some 93,500 people before the pandemic and paid them $7.4 billion in wages … [the culture industry is] a magnet for visitors and residents alike that will play a key role if the city is to remain vital…. There are signs of hope everywhere, as vaccinated New Yorkers re-emerge this summer. Destinations like the Whitney and the Brooklyn Museum are crowded again…. Shakespeare in the Park and the Classical Theater of Harlem are staging … plays in city parks… Many cultural leaders are … waiting to see if they will get help from … the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant initiative…. The Met Opera is still not sure if it can raise its gilded curtain in September…. The company is now in tense negotiations with the musicians in its orchestra.”