In Tuesday’s (4/27) Times of Trenton (New Jersey), Curt Yeske writes, “The pen has been stilled but the music will live on. That thought is offering some comfort to colleagues of Wilford ‘Bill’ Holcombe, the well-known music publisher and renaissance musician who died Sunday at 85. The greater Trenton Symphony Orchestra welcomed the woodwind player as a teen, and Holcombe went on to orchestrate and play with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and eventually become a nationally known music publisher. It seemed there was no facet of music of American music that Holcombe did not address at some point in his productive career. … Holcombe is remembered by some as a woodwind player, others as an arranger and big band leader, and by orchestra leaders across the country for the music he wrote. … Holcombe was never one to sit still for long. He was a virtual fountain of ideas, contacting [Greater Trenton Symphony Orchestra conductor Jon] Holly as little as two months ago about proposals for the GTSO’s coming season.”

Posted April 29, 2010