“ ‘The Soldier’s Tale’ is a chamber piece, specifically written with the restrictions of a pandemic in mind,” writes Angela Durrell in Monday’s (10/12) Ocala Star-Banner (Ocala, FL). “Igor Stravinsky originally limited the score to just seven instruments: violin, double bass, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone and percussion. Three actors and one or more dancers fill out the company…. The Ocala Symphony Orchestra will present it as the first offering of the 2020 season. In 1918, Stravinsky wrote the piece as the world grappled with the H1N1 flu pandemic…. ‘It was written for the exact same reason we picked it for this concert,’ explained Maestro Matthew Wardell…. Another concert, on Nov. 21, will feature [Max Richter’s Recomposed, based on] Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons … and the symphony’s holiday concert on Dec. 4 will be performed outdoors. ‘We were essentially one of the first businesses to shut down,’ Pamela Calero Wardell, executive director of the Reilly [Arts Center], said. ‘We’ve had to make changes and learn new things, and we’re easing back out into the world again.’… Concertmaster Stewart Kitts is more than ready to hit the stage. ‘This will be my first concert this season with an audience,’ he said.”