In Monday’s (3/11) Lexington Clipper-Herald (Nebraska), Rick Brown writes about preparations for the Omaha Symphony’s upcoming “All Aboard Tour” concert at the University of Nebraska’s Kearney campus. “ ‘What color are your socks?” violinist Anne Nagosky asked a roomful of string students after they finished playing. The children all bowed at the same time, dipping low enough to look at their socks. Nagosky and a dozen students practiced music—and concert etiquette—to be performed at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday when Omaha Symphony plays in Kearney as part of the orchestra’s ‘All Aboard Tour.’ … Admission to the concert is free. As a violinist with Omaha Symphony, Nagosky came to Kearney to help the student class prepare its music. Members of UNK’s String Project will perform on stage with the orchestra. … The students will benefit from performing with a large-scale concert, Nagosky said. In 2008,UNK was selected to become a National String Project Consortium site. The project offers an opportunity for student teachers at the university level to gain experience in working with beginning string students. The National String Project Consortium is a coalition of 32 sites based at colleges across the United States.”

Posted March 12, 2013