“When the final note of a superb performance of Mozart’s Masonic Funeral Music by Boston’s Handel and Haydn Society had finished echoing through Symphony Hall, the respectful silence was broken by the lone voice of a young boy who, sounding appropriately amazed, simply said ‘Wow!,’ ” writes Anthony Rudel in Friday’s (5/1) Boston Globe. Rudel is station manager at WCRB-Classical Radio Boston. “The world-wide celebration of his reaction has been nothing short of amazing, but why? Perhaps it is because that seemingly out of place, yet so natural reaction spoke to people who likely think classical music presentation is rigidly formal … Classical music purists like to believe they are protecting this phenomenal art, but their rules of engagement do little to encourage people to enjoy a spectacular performance of music…. The classical music business needs to break down the rules and make concert-going a more contemporary experience…. The good news is that the product we have to share—the music—is so amazing that it will not only survive but thrive as a wider audience of music lovers is welcomed. We need to break down the barriers to entry and connect with listeners and audiences on a visceral and emotional level.”

Posted May 20, 2019