In Tuesday’s (12/16) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Claudia Kirkpatrick responds to a November 16 Post-Gazette article titled “WQED Seeks a Focus for Its Future.” “While public television is very important to Western Pennsylvania, particularly its children’s programming, the classical music programming that WQED-FM provides, though mentioned only briefly … also is very important to the Western Pennsylvania community. In addition to providing classical music 24/7 (a major resource for so many people), WQED-FM is a vital resource…. Among the musical organizations we listeners hear are the University of Pittsburgh Men’s Glee Club, Women’s Choral Ensemble and Heinz Chapel Choir; the Carnegie Mellon Concert Choir, Repertory Chorus and Philharmonic; Chatham Baroque; the River City Brass; East Liberty Presbyterian Church’s The Brass Roots; and the Pittsburgh Symphony…. We’ve gotten to hear smaller local musical groups, such as the Quinta Voce Wind Quartet. Also, WQED-FM announcers Jim Cunningham and Anna Singer frequently feature very helpful conversations with local and visiting musicians, providing encouragement especially for young musicians. As WQED ‘seeks a focus for its future’ and ‘ponders its place,’ as the Post-Gazette’s article states, it is very important not to lose track of the importance of classical music for Western Pennsylvania.”

Posted December 16, 2014