“Members of the Pacific Symphony have voted unanimously to reject the most recent contract offer presented by the orchestra’s management and reaffirm the strike authorization they previously had granted, the union for the musicians announced Thursday,” writes Paul Hodgins in Friday’s (10/28) Orange County Register (CA). “The two sides met for the last time on Oct. 18, said Pacific Symphony violist Adam Neeley, who serves as bargaining committee chairman for the musicians union. ‘The main sticking points remain,’ Neeley said. ‘They concern our desire to have a predictable schedule, a contract that gives us more employment and a guaranteed annual wage.’ He added that among 11 peer orchestras of similar size, the Pacific Symphony ranks at the bottom in the percentage of its budget allotted to musicians’ pay and benefits…. Pacific Symphony President John Forsyte … [stated in an] email: ‘Since its contract with the musicians union expired on Aug. 31, Pacific Symphony has continued to act in good faith to negotiate a new contract. Our offers have been designed to address union concerns about predictability of work and annual wages. The board maintains its commitment to a contract that provides stable and meaningful work for musicians while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the organization.’ ”

Posted October 31, 2016