“The York Symphony Orchestra will be featured on the NPR music showcase program ‘From the Top with Host Christopher O’Riley’ on Saturday, April 15,” writes Junior Gonzalez in Tuesday’s (3/28) York Dispatch (York, PA). “ ‘York Symphony Orchestra has been making tremendous strides over the past few years,’ including regularly sold-out shows at the Strand, [Music Director Lawrence Golan] noted…. Golan said the NPR appearance gives the orchestra the ‘opportunity to have a nationwide audience see what we have to offer.’ … Four years ago … the orchestra performed to an average of 400 people in a venue with a capacity of 1,200…. In recent years, however, he noted the orchestra has had a resurgence in healthy patronage and sold-out shows. ‘We’re very happy,’ said Golan, who is finishing his third season as music director … Seven Valleys native Ben E. Detrick, a former member of the York Symphony Orchestra, is now a professional violinist living in Vienna, Austria. He will return to York for a solo performance of Bartók’s ‘Romanian Folk Dances’ with O’Riley at the piano’s helm during the event. He previously performed on the program back in 2002, when he was a freshman at Dallastown High School.”

Posted March 29, 2017