“As the 14th oldest orchestra in the United States, this is not the first time the Peoria Symphony Orchestra (PSO) has faced a global pandemic,” writes Chip Joyce in the March issue of Peoria Magazine. “Peoria’s resident orchestra was already established for two full decades when the influenza scourge of 1917-1920 struck the world…. During World War II … [the orchestra] always managed to perform, even if with a shortened season. It is this very same spirit of innovation and perseverance that has kept the PSO performing this year during its 123rd season, at a time when in-person concerts are not a viable option…. The #PSOAtHome platform was launched almost immediately on the Peoria Symphony Orchestra website as a resource for the community…. The PSO team decided to present the entire 123rd season on public television and radio at no cost to the public…. In addition, the organization made it a priority to continue to be a strong community partner…. The PSO is eager to return to in-person concerts for their 124th season. They plan to retain many of this season’s innovations, however, given how much it has helped them connect with people in new and meaningful ways.”