In Tuesday’s (11/8) Philadelphia Inquirer, Peter Dobrin writes, “In a motion filed last week in the [Philadelphia Orchestra] Association’s Chapter 11 case, orchestra management says the American Federation of Musicians and Employers Pension Fund is seeking financial information from 16 philanthropists ‘only in a continued effort to embarrass and harass the [association] and their donors.’ Such an inquiry will have a ‘tremendous and devastating impact’ on fund-raising, the association asserts. … The orchestra estimates it needs to raise about $165 million over several years to fund its bankruptcy case and operating expenses in coming seasons, and to boost endowment to an adequate level. Additionally, the filing reserves the right to seek sanctions against the fund for ‘vexatious and harassing discovery tactics’ and litigation. … Ray Hair, president of the American Federation of Musicians and a trustee of the pension fund, said Monday that the fund’s actions were rooted in the question of the original intent of the donors. ‘Originally these donors were saying that their money was unrestricted. And now they’re saying that it is restricted, so they’re changing their story. I think that strengthens our claim.’… As of Monday, the matter is to be heard Wednesday by Judge Eric L. Frank.”

Posted November 9, 2011