“Each day of the past nine months, I started my day exploring the world of a new composer, and I Zoomed with composers to discuss my vision and purpose for the project of America/Beautiful,” says Korean-American pianist Min Kwon in Janos Gereben’s Monday (2/22) San Francisco Classical Voice article. Kwon invited 75 composers to write “variations on ‘America the Beautiful.’ Pandemic or not, Kwon will premiere the works over the course of six days, beginning July 4, 2021, in a series of free streamed video performances and Q&As, and two nights of live concerts in a Brooklyn catacomb.… ‘As [the pandemic hit] in March, and each day grew darker, it felt important for me to turn these dark times into something that we could also … remember with positivity,’ says Kwon. ‘I wanted future generations of Americans to not only see the clips and to read about terrible illness, death, chaos, and division of our country and all the tears that were shed, but also to learn about many people coming together and creating new energy.… The fact that some 75 composers can hear the same song in a completely different way is, to me, something truly beautiful.’ ”